Welcome to Landtegrity.com. The creators of Landtegrity and its sponsors have dedicated the site to one purpose. Auditing the county Land Registries of each county in the United States. There are 3033 counties in the United States of America. The mortgage servicers have destroyed the integrity of our land records. The only way to return the land records to a state of honesty is to kill MERS, audit the Land Registries and force the lenders to record the promissory notes into the land records going forward and pay the recordation fees as the promissory notes travel through their securitization chain. The banks owe between $180,000 and $360,000 to the counties now for each 1000 mortgages they have put into the land registry using MERS. They need to pay it. The only way to calculate exactly what they owe to each Registry is to audit each registry.


Full transparency is the only possible model for a Land Registry. What is a Registry for if not to disclose true interest in real property transparently? If the banks are allowed to continue to hide parties of interest behind their MERS scheme, real home ownership in this country will be destroyed forever. The financial institutions will be able to claim that they are the only place who has the true knowledge of the parties of interest in mortgages, deeds of trust and promissory notes and therefore property. Well, we do not trust banks. You will see a link to the left behind which we have a petition you can sign to ask the government for funds to audit the national land record. Please sign the petition, it only takes a moment of your time and perhaps we can make a difference if we support the Registrars who are fighting the fraud and educate the ones who are not through a federally funded audit. You can see the result of Marie McDonnells audits of Essex County Massachusetts as well as San Francisco Registries below.   Take the time to listen to the interview with John Obrien, also below.     But first PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO IMMEDIATELY BELOW AND SIGN THE PETITION -   Also do us all a favor and ask just one friend today to sign this petition and post it to your FB.    The link to the left brings you to the actual petition.      Thanks to All..     Jeff, Katie & Chloe and the petition sponsors.


Marie Mcdonnell Essex County & San Francisco Land Record Audit Documents


John Obrien Audio

O'Brien Presentation

Q&A1 with John

Q&A2 with Kevin and later